“Simpel is Beautiful, Elegant & Timeless”

Welcome to our simple world of XIIC. Why did the brand XIIC start a simple lifestyle brand? Every individual deserves timeless fashion in the first place.

We started in 2014 with the aim of creating clothing for the everyday minimalist trendsetter in the Netherlands. The land of charming historic streets and simple fashion. It cannot be the any different  than that our creativity is simple. 

The life of a young individual can move quite quickly and that is why we have been taught to find the beauty in the simplicity of things and enjoy life to the fullest.

Our collections are based on our favorite recurring styles focused on multiple colors.

XIIC is creatively named after the word Chic; which lady doesn’t like shopping? Looking timeless and fasionable.

We believe that every individual should be proud of themselves and shine to the fullest.

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Stay Timeless